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I am starting to feel the energy of this blog site growing within me. It is like a seed that is planted and as it begins to grow I start to hear the whisperings.  These whisperings will usually let themselves be known in the middle of the night, when I am half asleep and don’t really want to bother to get up, turn on a light and write them down!  It is usually 2am or so and I am only able to say to myself “I will remember this” and repeat the idea over and over in my head so that I will remember when I sit down to write. In my notebook.  With a pencil.

Here is a poem today:
Difficult. Suppression. Expression.
Some days seem so hard.
The day begins
Life as usual.
Tea. Dog. Kids. Husband.
LIfe as usual.
Ugh, I need, to do, something.
Busy  Creative  Urgent
Do I have a purpose?  Today?
I mean TODAY?  right now in this moment?
Okay, get a grip.
Life is moving, changing.
Keep moving, changing.  Doing.  Being.
In   doing   being   a   moment   may
Then I can see it
My mind relaxes into it
The expansion.  Me.  Moment.  Happy
Life as usual.
Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2015
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