What? a Poet?

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While going through my Master’s degree I had a class where we were given some assignment to do about ourselves and our growth process over time.  This was a part of my Dance/Movement Therapy degree and it was an intense self-discovery process at the same time. At the end of the semester we would all present our assignments to the class.  I had a drawing on a large poster board showing the roots underground and the growth above, I think maybe a tree, and I wrote some words about it all.  After I presented this to our class the teacher said I was a poet.  Well, I remember it was like a slap or a shock to be called a poet.  AT the time I just disregarded it completely as I was in this dance therapy course and movement was what it was all about after all.

Now I look back, and to the present

And realize my time when inspiration strikes

and I feel a channel open up

to creative writing

it seems like most of the time

not all

the words that come our are

in the form of a poem.

How cool to finally meet myself here

and recognize something once again

that was acknowledged to me almost

thirty years ago!

Loving this on

All levels.

Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2015

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