Poem “Never Enough”

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When it is never enough
Oh to do more
So the anxiety lessens
of not making money
For our family.
Bake Clean Laundry  Cook
Dog Chickens Food Bread
Write Read Write
What to do now?
Can I be with it all
So that the stories may flow
And the words may come
Can I allow the dreams
To dream up the ideas I have
without guilt of not doing?
Without the shame of not good enough?
Let the tears come
as they need
To free my Self from me
Not feel bad for doing so
Not let the feeling of lack
Create anger at
To defend my Self
for the feelings of
Not worthy Not good enough
What am I doing here?
What is my purpose
Why bother Why try
Why Why Why
I am enough
I have to be enough
To give my Self
Permission To Write
To Create To Dance
To Heal To Inspire
Lost in the feeling
of unfulfilled
Not doing
Being to doing to
Me Myself
Harini (Heather Goss) © 2015


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