Poem “In Fear”

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Growing up in fear
Not realizing
You lived that way
Every Day
Ultra aware. On edge
Not sure
What will happen next
Very very slowly
eating the apple
Watching each tiny bite
Seeing how long
it will last
Hiding hiding hiding
in the laundry basket
very quiet peaceful
Dancing dancing
Always dancing
Creating flow and peace
Never looking
just creating
Some safe place
that surrounds
Looking back to see myself
as a little child
Who knew back then
how to survive and
create a peaceful smile
Believed every One is
Good and beautiful inside
Surprised when on the outside
things did not 
at times
Uncertain why or how or
Always always hopeful
Holding each up to its’ best
Believe believed
That All are good
no matter what the
But later later
years gone by
it catches up
Crashes crashes
Always crashes
Anger out instead
Hopeful hopeful
Always hopeful
Things will change inside
So outside inside
will shine the
good and beautiful
The child held mystified.
Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2015
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