Poem “Keeping Pace”

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Slow and simple is the

best way I can live each day.

Trying to keep calm inside

while all of the daily tasks

of living

Keep the mellow peace

in my head and body


Step by step

go through the day

Grind flour make bread

Coffee beans

I love the way they


Slowly grind perk away

Fill my senses, hmm


Step by step I let

my mind go through

the day

Holding back anxiety


Hurry get it done.

Not enough



Okay, no worries

Time is plenty

Get it done when it’s done

Dishes can wait

Cobwebs who cares

Later when the pace

Is right

I will get to it


Kids home

the pace picks up

Time gets short

Too much to do

Forget to breathe

Forget to pace

To take it

Step by step


Get it done

Get it done

Get it done

See, enough Time

is left

to really See their

beautiful faces

to really Hear what

they want to tell me

to really Listen

Harini (Heather Goss) © 2015
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