Poem “Sleep Upon my Soul”

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I love the mornings
it is cool and quiet
Refreshed after sleep
ready to face
another day
Each day greeted
with an open mind
an open heart
Waiting to see what
it brings to me
Will I learn something
Will I be able to see
Something I
couldn’t see just
will my eyes open
enough to let me
peek into myself
a place that wants
to simply hide in
the comfort of
being hidden?
Will it let me 
sweep away the dust
of comfort to sweep
it into my arms
hug it close and
tight to gently
open my fingers and
let it blow away
in the morning light?
Can I be brave enough
to face these things I
do not like to see
that keep me locked
away inside of me
The pain is brief
The waiting longing aching
Than the quick blink
of Light
that breaks the spell
of sleep upon
my soul
Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2015
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