Poem: “Blessings”

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Everyone of us is
so blessed
For each and every
Child we hold in 
our hearts
Their lives touch ours
in countless ways
The spontaneous
That catches you by
The soft little hand
you suddenly find
within your own
Smiling up at you
Eyes full of love and trust
The days when you
want to pull out your hair
when tempers flare
And harsh words said
Forgiveness comes so
Quickly and easily
To these little ones
Willing to go on as before
Hope bursting out
for us to catch
Days captured within our
The pictures formed
Always there to look at
To help us through life
Each day with its
Each day with its
May there alway be
More joys that 
make it possible for us to
Overflowing with the
Promises of our futures.
Blessing each and every One.
Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2015
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