Poem: “The Wheels Keep Turning”

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The woes of the past
Are the past.
Why keep looking at them?
They are only reminders of
Things best forgotten.
Did I learn from my mistakes?
Where did they get me so far?
I still continue to struggle
Every minute      Sometimes
Reminders of my pain
I do not need!
Back down those dark times
Why go there?
Who I am now reflects my past
I pray for forward
To be better
Now, tomorrow and the next
Day   Hour    Second
Meaningless really
A speck in time
The wheel keeps turning
And on and off we go.
Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2015
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  1. Where are the comments? When I write, I hide the message unconsciously whereas you are obvious and straightforward. Might you consider hiding, just a little.. friend

  2. Ex. “(last verse of an ol’ song called, “Collecting Royalities” 3. Well I was dead! You held the flame, you crossed the line again and in the dark, against you grain, you walked out on a limb but blindedly I passed you by as you held the neon sign. Once again I bit the dust, when I..”thought it all was mine.” subject, meaning, all hidden, by my introverted nature.

    1. Post

      Yes, lovely. Thanks for writing. I hope I will get better with practice and why I haven’t made this site public in any way. Not really wanting to put it out there but writing it for myself. That poem was written over a year ago…my emotions are always on my sleeve.

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