Poem: “Insight”

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Life is such a story.
Every One is right
Every One knows the best
Why do we listen to other people’s insights?
The only insight we need is from ourselves
Other advice or insight can certainly
Be read, heard and absorbed
Only until a certain level inside
Then it is really us and only the stuff
that comes from us
changes us and keeps us on our own path.
If every path in life is TRULY our own,
then, truly the only path can come
from ourselves. Period.
Life may be so much simpler if we stop
reading Facebook, self-help books.
Insight on the Internet or television.
There are so MANY opinions out there!
It can be so confusing.
Good to be educated
But in the end, it still must
Come from inside Ourselves.
  Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2015
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