Poem: “Strange Life”

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Oh, the life we lead is so strange!
We never know where it goes
If you try to ‘get ahead’ the road 
dips and bends when
you least expect it to.
Just to remind us that we are not really in charge.
In case you forgot!
If you try to stay in the present moment,
things catch up too fast
before you are ready for them
and the ‘balls’ begin to drop faster and faster.
Looking at the past to gain perspective?
Well, life is ever changing.
So, the past is done
and the future not here yet
The road in between cannot be mapped
with great accuracy
So, once again we are stumped
at a loss
as to what to do or how to do it.
Holding the tension of all three
past, present, future
may be the only way.
To hold all three perspectives, 
and some others as well,
to just be able to “BE” in this life
is the best way that we can be.
 Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2015
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