Poem: “It is Good”

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Do you ever go back and wonder
What your life would have
Been like
If the paths you chose
the choices you made
Were just a little bit 
How would today look
Would I live here
Have this many children
Do all of the things that 
That I do?
Looking back
Longing to see
The way it was
Meant to be
A sigh, a breath
A yearning
Did I do it
All right
Am I where I am supposed 
To be
At this time
In my age
Have I stepped toward
My own destiny
In the
right time
The way
Life is
As the years go by
I pray to know
I am where I am
Supposed to be
Fulfilling all I am
And it is good
 Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2015
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