Poem: “I’ve Been to the Mountain”

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I’ve been to the mountain
what a great place to be
To see all there is
To be who I can be
Grow myself into the person that I am Today.
Then life comes along and grabs hold
Tosses, turns, creates
New pathways for me to take.
Can I do it, trust it
Fear it?
How to make the next step
Without falling
on my face?
Up and down I go again
Keep trying over and over
To see what in this World
I am meant to do.
Another bump comes along
I see it coming too
This time I am getting better
at riding these twists and turns
So my face doesn’t hurt
so much this time around.
Dare I to smile, could it be true?
I am on a smooth path
For just a few
I can finally breathe
I may have got it just right
Knowing my fate could happen
Even when I finally take flight.
 Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2016
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