Poem: “Nana” May 3, 1918 – November 29, 2014

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They say you never forget the ones you love,
Tucked away in a corner of your heart.
As the time goes by and the days go on
the space begins to open up.
To remembering.
All of the things you loved the most
About the one you’ve lost.
The way the light would sparkle in her eyes
As soon as I walked in the room.
The distinctive sound of her voice as she said
‘Hello’ to me over the phone.
Oh, how gently the memories start coming back to me
From the time she drew her last breath.
Her beautiful voice as she sang outloud,
Graham crackers with honey, black tea, 
warm applesauce too.
Do you remember the dish with the peppermints?
How about her hats with the matching shoes?
Or her laughter after she gave me a kiss
Leaving behind her red lips on my cheek?
Each person we love is so special to us
The things that make them unique.
You don’t live such a long time, I believe,
without understanding a thing or two about life.
She never complained, took each day in her stride,
“I’m fine” almost her very last words.
Her secret to beautiful skin, she told us,
Near the end, made me laugh and giggle inside.
I remember her days as the Avon Lady
and how lovely she looked all the time.
It isn’t anything huge, or something that
changed the whole world.
But to me, you can see, I had a connection to her
Beyond any words that we spoke.
Her heart touched mine and she
Understood more than I know.
I will never forget,
Will let my memories keep me strong,
As she is forever inside of my heart.
Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2016
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