Poem: “The Crack”

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Screaming out of my skin
Frustration with my self to
The point of freaking out
Where, oh where
Do I put my energy
My creativity?
Give me the space
Give me the place
To expand from my self
So the screaming mimis
Can be let out
Let the crack finally
Burst open
So my Self can escape
and no longer hide
It is where my
Creative side exists
And I can no longer
Block it
Afraid to let it loose
I was told the crack was bad
A flaw, default, craziness
Bridge the gap they said
Then you are whole
What if the gap
was the place untold
that sets you free from
Binds that hold
The illusion that exists
Simply becomes the
Fighting to stay above the
Wears me out
Tires my bones
So deep so deep
Keeps the love I have
always seeked
Deep in the dark and cold
full of the fear of the 
Full of the fear of 
Being One
In divine bliss and love
Will All
As reality cracks 
doesn’t look the same
it used to be and 
How to cope with one so
So open my wings
Open my heart
Let me soar this brave
and nobel part
of Me
that was sealed inside
the gap
With love and joy
I fit my path.
Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2016
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