Poem: “Easy or Hard?”

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Anger Violence Rage
Prejudice Judgement
Pain Loss Grief
over the idea that
People will take the lives
of others
in rage of discrimination
Putting themselves
Somehow Higher than others
How can that be?
Are we all not humans
Living on the same
Struggling to make it 
In a world
where life is not easy
Easy is the resort to
Easy is the way to 
Hard is the path to
Kindness Compassion
Forgiveness Equality
Coming Together to
Unite all Peoples
NOT taking the easy way to
Not allowing the same worn path to Anger
Blame and Projection
Own our selves
Own our problems
Own our mis-understandings
Deciding another’s story
From the easy place of Outside
observing and declaring
“That must be This”
Risk facing towards your Self
Take a really close look at
all of your own faults that
Could just as easily be judged
by others
Could put You in that Category
A strike against your place in Society
Life Culture Biology
Then, embrace your Self
Love your Self for
All your flaws
For all your gifts
In balance
Risk facing outwards
Finally able to see in the eyes
Friends Neighbors Relatives Strangers
That we are All
Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2016
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