Poem: “Winter”

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It is so silent
All around me
Crisp, cold, brilliant
Eternity in one breath
Exhaling ice crystals
Glistening star shine
So cold the frost
grows like fur
on every needle
leaf rock fence
Alive crystal teeth
razor sharp
Crunching under my feet
Best of all is the stillness
That comes with winter
Everything goes to sleep
People huddled by the fire
cozy and warm
less traffic less noise
Less of everything
I am beginning to love
the winter
Big sweaters warm drinks
Candle light
Day dreams scattered
on night dreams
Crisply awakened
fresh and new
Catching crackles
Silent flakes
Cracking ice
Sounds magnified
over the stillness
A wonder I never
tire of
as the world slowly
sleeps inside its
winter cave
 Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2016
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