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Are you like me and you have these major insights into life at the most inconvenient times?  I usually get great ideas for blog subjects and all kinds of things when I am out running errands or picking up the kids.

Unless of course,  I want to go into second gear stay and up until all hours of the night.  Then get up at 5 am and try to remain coherent the next day. NO WAY! I really need my sleep to feel half human as it is. Didn’t they just prove that women need more sleep than men anyways???

Needless to say, my “insights” must percolate over days and weeks before I get a chance, or the internal motivation, to actually sit down to write anything.

Sooo, what is this great insight you ask?!?

“It is OK to be Happy!”

That was the thought that I had and realized that the message deep down inside of myself was that it was not okay to be happy my whole life.  With a depressed and suicidal mother and a rage-aholic father I didn’t get the message that life was a happy thing to live.

Missed it! Life was a struggle to survive and “stay out of the way for G*d’s Sake!”

One of those many knots around my heart that untied and rippled out from me. I can be happy. In believing all time and space are one continuum, this knot will help past generations and future generations, my children and their children on and on.

Lofty thoughts for sure until life literally crashed around me for two days with children and adults screaming alike and chaos ruling the roost. I held fast with all of my thoughts and true feelings of my open heart, the untying of one little knot and the ripples that spread out into my family.

I also thought ‘Well, there goes that!. So much for choosing love and happiness.’

Then my friend Anahata Little wrote a short passage on her Facebook page about choosing love and how we have to stand up and choose love over and over and over again. That in choosing love or I might add, anything positive, we will meet resistance that she called “re-assistance”. It helps us to stay strong in our choices as we meet the resistance.

So, I prayed to the angels, archangels and guardians that watch over us to help me to know what to do to end the conflict and move forward smoothly. With this in my heart I set some firm boundaries, and consequences if those boundaries would not be followed. By the end of the next day there was peace, play and laughter in our household once again.

Uh, but it only lasted a few days and I think I forgot to stay strong in my choices because the chaos took over again!!!

Until next time, I pray you can be stronger than I am and continue to face your ‘re-assistance’ with love and an open heart.


Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2016

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