Poem: “A New Year”

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The year is almost over
Time to reflect back and 
just what we’ve done
and where we’ve been.
To contemplate the good
the old, the new
the ways we could have
done it differently
the things we cringe at
The thought
And the pride in all
the beauty we saw and
made happen.
The little things that
over time turn out
to be the biggest of all.
The way we held our temper
more times than not this year
The way we said “Love you”
Knowing each moment here
is precious
That any moment could be 
our last
Those we love need to 
hear “Love you”
Every day
More hugs and kisses
More “way to go’s” and
“you did it’s” are in order
Being there
Present for the daily grind
Available even in hard times
Not taking it personally
when others are angry, upset
or disagree
As we each find our way
Not giving up when life
seems endless or
when we are down
Continuing in tough times and
finding the joy in the
Smallest of things
Our life is usually measured
by these little things
Gestures, kindness, pardons
Joy Love Peace Family
All the measures to go by
Devotion Practice Bliss
Towards our Ultimate goal.
 Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2017
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