Poem: “Simple”

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It’s taken all of my life
To realize I am a simple person
I find the profound in the simple
Looking at a beautiful cloud formation
I can glory in the wonder of the earth
of God or Creator who make this happen
Deeper still
the molecules that connect us all
the invisibility of time
Past, present, future melding into
One moment of pure beauty
I don’t need any more than that.
My wants get in the way and
life wraps itself around the wants
and needs of every day life and family
Where losing perspective of the simple
Things is routine
Stopping to catch a glimpse of the
sun shining through the clouds or the
rain inching forward across the horizon
is magical
The stopping is the hard part
The beauty is all around
I simply need to stop, see, beathe, and
feel it into every cell of my body
The key of simplicity
Is to notice it
 Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2017
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