Poem: “Buried Seed”

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Opening up to speaking about Eating Disorders that I have struggled with my whole life. This poem reflects how having had an ED, and living in full recovery, there is this seed that stays dormant inside waiting for the event in your life that will allow it to reactivate once again.
this seed
So tiny it almost
doesn’t exist
The less it gets fed
No sun No rain
No nourishment
the smaller it gets
the kinetic energy
as it sits in the dark
Waiting until….
Impatient Niggling Bothersome
Popping in and out
Bursting Fierce Driven
to take over
pulling down the veil
Feed Me!
it demands
I will never fully disapper
you See
Waiting Potential Debris
Trigger Crack Boom
A sprout
sliver of sunshine
Water Air Fire
Through the smoke
struggling to see 
Push up the veil
Truth Freedom Life Force
You made it
this time it laughs
and here I stay
Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2017
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