Poem: Compassion

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It was compassion that healed me
Compassion to not inflict another
through my actions
I could no longer deny
my impact
not matter how small 
I got
it makes a difference
on others
around me
Unknowing yet real
can you find your compassion?
You sensitive souls
who try to deny your own
Wasting away to skin and bones
Numbing off all of the 
So intense
zip zap zap
bee stings
Mood shifts
Danger Danger on alert
Egg shells cracking under
my toes
Creaking stairs up my
carving deep
gut level wrenching
wrapping warping
uglyfying dehydrated coal
strange this comfort
in the blackness
Truth hidden
self facing
becoming real
beneath the bones
Harini ( Heather Goss ) © 2018
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