Welcome to my website Kiss My Butt Today (KMBT)!

My name is Harini (Heather Goss) and I am a baking, dancing poet. I am living in the Czech Republic with my amazing Architect husband and three beautiful children.

If you are wondering why on earth would I name my blog KMBT, I’ll tell you.  The name was inspired by my daughter crying out in the middle of the night “…..kiss my butt!”.  We were laughing so much that I realized it was perfect for this website.

This is a place I started just for me. A place to put all of the poems that channel through me and all my crazy and inspired insights.  It is a mix up of writing and other gifts I offer, Gluten-Free Baking and Creative Dance.

Poetry, baking and dancing help me cope in my day to day life. All an outlet of my creativity and a way to express myself that suits me in each moment of my day or week.

I am constantly in recovery from an Eating Disorder and Disordered Thinking. A life long journey that I am happily on. The way that I have found my food freedom is the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) lifestyle. If you are interested please look it up on Facebook, it really is amazing.

 Everything you find here, poems, thoughts and inspirations, all come from healing my self.  My self-esteem, self-worth, body image and anxiety from an unhealthy childhood (probably PTSD!), flavor all that I do in this world and can hopefully help you in some way too.
I am finding ways to cope, explore my self and discover how best to walk forward each and every day.
This is a place of freedom. I will express myself as I am in the moment. Some will hate it, other will like it and still others may love what they find here.
My attachment to the outcome is released and in doing so my creativity can begin to pour forth. With the hope that it touches or helps those who dare to join in the quest for our best selves.  The freedom of expression without the worry of response.
Each and every day!
Here’s to love, joy and peace to all.

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