Hi, my name is Harini (Heather Goss) and this is my new blog whose name was inspired by my daughter crying out in the middle of the night “…..kiss my butt!”.  It is such a perfect name for me right now, allowing me the freedom to write/be and not worry about it.

I am a cranky, difficult person (more later!).  Mother of three children who I love dearly and who drive me to utter craziness in delightful ways. I have a wonderfully supportive husband who put this blog in motion just as soon as I said “I was thinking about writing a blog….”.
This is a place to be and express myself in a way that some will hate and some will like or maybe even love.   I want the freedom of expression without the worry of response, hence the “Kiss My Butt” (KMB) attitude.  So my attachment can be released.
I am following the THM lifestyle of eating since October 2014 (Look up Trim Healthy Mama if you are interested also).  Some recipes and food thoughts may come from following this food freedom plan.
The three things I love to do creatively in my life are writing poetry when the mood strikes, baking, and creative dance.
That’s me in a nutshell, take it or KMB!


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