“Move to your own inner beat”


Feelings and Expressing Ourselves through Creative Movement


Self expression through movement is my passion. This can take many forms from the light easy gentle fun way of  moving our bodies through space or the more intensive focused dynamic use of movement to express our deepest emotions.
This is the beauty of Creative Movement. We get the be the creator of our own experience.  If we need to express joy then that’s what we do, if we need to express our deepest sorrow then we utilize the tools of our body to help express it.
Sometimes the smallest movements can be the most profound. We can be sitting and have the most amazing “Aha!” moment or we can be utilizing our full body and moving around the space and again experience a total “Aha!” moment for ourselves.
I consider myself a Movement Specialist combining many healing modalities as needed for individual support.  I help people to understand their own bodies and begin to express themselves in new ways with deeper understanding of themselves. Writing and drawing can help to bring the non-verbal information we experience into a verbal format so that we can integrate and make sense of our experiences.
Utilizing drumming, sound, touch, music, drawing, verbal cues and directions, and interacting with others, can all help to intensify the experience and help us to comprehend and integrate them.

We are all unique individuals with our own unique ways of moving our bodies and expressing ourselves. Tap into your own unique patterns and get to know yourself and express your feelings in the healthiest way possible. Learn where you store feelings in your body and begin to release them and express them safely.

Feel the simple joy in moving the body.

Explore the harmony we can create between body, mind and soul.



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